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Chicago Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Experienced Attorney Helping Victims’ of Personal Injury Cases Get The Justice They Deserve

The Law Firm of Attorney Kendall D. Hartsfield has lots of expertise dealing with workers’ compensation cases in Chicago, Illinois. Hartsfield Law understands how damaging a workplace accident can have on your life. It not only affects you with your injuries, but it also affects your family members. Workers’ compensation benefits need to go beyond simply covering medical bills and lost wages as it need to also cover vocational rehabilitation and cover the different in wages if an injury prevents a person from returning to their regular job.

When you consult with Hartsfield Law for assistance, you can feel rest assured that he is on your side and will do everything it can to ensure you get fair compensation for what happened to you. Hartsfield Law enjoys helping victims of workers’ compensation get back on their feet with monetary compensations.

Some example of workers’ compensation cases that Hartsfield Law handles include:

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