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Violent Crimes Charges Criminal Defense Attorney in Illinois

Kendall Hartsfield provides aggressive representation for those who are being investigated for a violent crime and those who have been charged with a violent crime.  These charges are a criminal offense in Illinois, which is why you need the knowledge and expertise that Mr. Hartsfield has to offer.  Mr. Hartsfield has vast experience with providing representation to clients who have been charged with all types of criminal offenses, including:

There are very serious and harsh penalties that come with a violent crimes charge, including hefty fines, prison sentences and you may need to be registered as a sex offender.  The violent crime can either be charged as a felony or a misdemeanor, depending on what the crime is.

Proficient Legal Representation against Violent Crime Charges
Kendall Hartsfield will tailor the best defense for your case and some of the possible defenses are:

Kendall Hartsfield has vast experience as a trial defense attorney and has a track record of success in even the most challenging cases.  If you have been charged for any type of violent crime, Kendall Hartsfield is here to protect your rights.  Contact Kendall Hartsfield to schedule your free consultation and let him get started on providing you with the best legal defense for your charges.

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If you have questions, contact us today for a free consultation at 312-345-1700 or kendall@XXXXXXXXXXXX.

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