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Criminal Damage to Property

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Chicago Vandalism Attorneys

Defending Illinois Clients against Charges of Criminal Damage to Property

Vandalism, criminal damage to property, can be charged as a felony or misdemeanor depending on a  variety of factors. Laws in Illinois regarding criminal damage to property are complex and have various penalties based on a number of factors. It is essential to hire an experienced Chicago criminal defense attorney if you have ever been charged with a criminal damage to property violation.

The experienced attorneys at Hartsfield Law have a wide array of experience representing clients in a wide variety of criminal and civil litigation matters. Hartsfield Law will come up with the best defense strategy tailored to you so you have the best chance to win in court. If a person damages government property, the offense is charged as a felony, which is more severe than a misdemeanor.

Illinois law classifies criminal damage to property as any of the following criteria:

•    Knowingly damaging the property of somebody else
•    Recklessly using fire or explosives that may endanger others
•    Knowingly starting a fire on the land of another
•    Knowingly injuring a domestic animal
•    Knowingly depositing a stink bomb or offensive smelling compound on the property of another with the intent to interfere with the use of the property by others
•    Damaging any property with intent to defraud an insurer



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