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Construction Zone Tickets Attorney in Illinois

If you get a violation in a construction zone, you could have to pay up to $375 in fines if it is your first offense.  If you receive a subsequent ticket in a construction zone, the fines can go up to $1,000 and you could have your driver’s license suspended for 90 days.  It may seem like it is simple to just pay off the ticket, but it will add points to your driving record and this could have a severe impact on your driving privileges, your car insurance rates and it can cause the penalties fees to increase significantly.

Kendall Hartsfield has vast experience in defending clients against traffic violations, including unwarranted tickets that were received in a construction zone.  Mr. Hartsfield provides his clients with aggressive representation and does everything to get the best possible outcome for his clients.

 Illinois Traffic Violation Attorney
There are certain situations in which a ticket was given, but it was not the fault of the driver.  There are times in which the speed limit or construction zone signs were covered by snow, or other obstructions, including severe graffiti, and it makes the sign illegible.

Kendall Hartsfield has experience with providing his clients with the best possible defense and avoid a conviction or a suspension of their driver’s license.  Contact Kendall Hartsfield to schedule your free consultation and let him get started on helping you with your order of protection or your restraining order.

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